film: Cyberstickers

The workshop of Filmmaking hosted 10 enthusiastic participants from Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, and Germany. Led by our skilled facilitators, Leska and Lidia, the participants delved into the art of filmmaking, covering various aspects such as scriptwriting, storyboarding, camera operation, cinematic shots, and angles.

The uniqueness of this workshop was evident as it seamlessly integrated with the project’s overarching theme. Leska and Lidia skillfully aligned the movie’s topic with that of the project, resulting in a cinematic exploration of conflict-related issues.

The participants engaged in a productive brainstorming session focused on the theme of conflict. After thorough discussions, the group decided to explore the timely and relevant subject of cyberbullying. This choice resonated well with the participants, making it a captivating and personally significant experience.

Throughout the shooting process, the youths had the opportunity to assume various roles essential for filmmaking, including Director, Cameraperson, Sound Director, and Actor. The dynamic rotation of roles from scene to scene allowed each participant to gain hands-on experience and a comprehensive understanding of the filmmaking process.

The film produced during the workshop aims to serve as an exemplar, promoting solidarity, humanity, and improved communication among individuals. In addressing the prevalent issue of hate speech on social media, we endeavored to convey the profound impact it can have on an individual. The message of the movie emphasizes the significance of demonstrating solidarity and extending a helping hand to those who are bullied.

Despite the inherent challenges of time management, our dedicated team, under the guidance of Lidia and Leska, successfully crafted this impactful film within a tight three-day timeline. We are proud of the collaborative effort that resulted in a powerful and meaningful cinematic piece:

directors: Lidia Tomaeva and Leska Ruppert

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