A lot of stories started because of a conflict which was created because of a  corrupted reality or a misunderstanding.

Today I would like to tell you

the Story of Delyar

Delyar was a little boy.

He was born in the safest country in the middle east, the country was even one of the safest places in whole Asia. Women where allowed to vote in this country since 1950 which, if we watch closely, was before nearly every country in Europe and the whole world. But the story of Delyar didn’t started in this safe country, the story started in the country which was safe for a long time.

In these country there where Christians, Moslems, Jews, Assyrians and Yzidis and much more religions living together with no conflicts until the year of 2011 started. A corrupt family got to much power and the safe country was not safe anymore. The people didn’t liked that and conflicts started.

People in this country were inspired by other countries who fought for their rights like Lybia or Egypt, people of this country started to demonstrate the corruption of the country to the whole world, the president didn’t liked that and a civil war started.

Delyar who was just between 4 – 6 years old at that time, he did not understand what is going on in his country, but he noticed that he never experienced a day in his life, where he had a whole day electricity, or a whole day, where he did not hear something about war and dying people. In the age between 7 and 9 his family tried to not involve him in demonstrations and the conflict. The only problem for the family was that this was not avoidable anymore, so they took him with them on demonstrations and he didn’t know, what is going on, but he was there, demonstrating for his rights and the rights of his family, friends and everyone in his country. The demonstrations did not stop the corruption of the president and people standing behind him. It even got worse, they started to kill the opposition and during the elections, everything was observed and controlled.

Delyar was at that time between the age of 9-12, he lost the most of his childhood but he still made the best out of what he had. He liked to play football with his friends, who shared the same reality, his pictures were all around the school, because he was a very intelligent boy and he surely started to understand, what is going on in his country and learned the English language, to assure his future.

The conflicts got bigger and more complicated, his family got overwhelmed with the situation, but they had a bigger problem, because they were Kurds and the Turkish military attacked some of the kurdish cities, because of some conflicts that go hundred of years back in time on the border – and labeled it as a war against terrorists. The places where Delyars family lived got bombed and he and his family fled to another city and he had to change his school, they stayed in that city for a long time, but after 6 months he had to leave the city again and go back to his home city.

In the year of 2015 his father could not see how his kids are going to lose their future because of the war, so he fleed to Germany, the country which welcomed us, the people who survived the war, the country which offered us a better future and better education level, and we as people of Syria are very thankful for this offer.

Delyar lost a lot of family members in the war, he lost uncles in the fight against IS and the Turkish military, but also just from the bombing. This was not his whole story he fleed 2 more times and he experienced more than what anyone of us could express with only words, the feelings he had at these moments are not imaginable for someone who never experienced the hysteria of a war.

This is not just the story of Delyar, it is my story, Alan from syria and the story of everyone who experienced the war and live  in a minority.

  • It could be the story of Marusia from Ukraine or
  • Mohammed from Palestine or
  • Roberto from Mexico
  • Amadou from Mali
  • Aamiina from Somalia
  • and a lot more…

If we can’t donate money or clothes or anything then we can share the conflict and try to make it famous. Even a small donation can make a big change in my example 5 Euros gave me a bag, pens, notebooks.

So don’t let the message on your screen and share it to more people.

author: Alan Ali

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