Rückblick 2023

Dear friends, partners, sponsors, and supporters, 

we express our gratitude for the excellent trustful cooperation and support throughout the year 2023! As this year draws to a close, our thoughts have been particularly with our friends and partners in Ukraine and Armenia, who once again were affected by war and displacement in the past year. In these times, our hearts go out to the Ukrainian people, who yet again endure no respite from Russian bombs and rockets. However, 2023 is not solely a narrative of war, suffering, and displacement; our collaboration with you attests to unity, resilience, and belief in a future marked by peaceful and civilized coexistence in Europe. Wherever you bid farewell to the old year, whether with family or friends, we sincerely wish that the new year, 2024, brings you a prosperous year ahead! 

#Erasmus+ #Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Bildung Jugend und Familie #Brot für die Welt #Stiftung Erinnerung und Zukunft #Auswärtiges Amt #Civil Society Corporation 

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